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11 Feb 2021

Lecture in Panteion University [Gr]

Here is the video from my lecture in Panteion University in the Laboratory on Contentious Politics with the title: “The use of heterotopia as a tool for narrating alternative historical narratives in cinema”. In the following link you can also download my presentation in English. Link: https://lcp.panteion.gr/    

07 Jan 2021

Start of my Post-Doctoral Research

I am starting my Post-Doctoral Research in Panteion University of Social and Political Science with Prof. Seferiadis. The title of my research is: “Suspended spaces of memory: Heterotopic historical narratives and contentious politics in contemporary cinematic practice”. Two more Universities are also in this research as collaborating Universities. University of Central Lancashire with Prof. Knudsen and Audio Visual Arts Department of Ionian University with Dr. Papadopoulou. Abstract: Michel Foucault, in the prologue of his book “Order of things” and in […]