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16 Apr 2021

Presentation regarding StoryLab California in the University of Macedonia

On Friday 9/04/2021 I was invited by the Culture Borders Gender Laboratory of the University of Macedonia to talk about StoryLab’s workshops in California. The title of the presentation was: “Returning to your roots: An ethnomediaology case study with the Tejon Native American Tribe in California under StoryLab (Skills Training for Democratised Film Industries.)”. The title of the event was: Digital Technologies and research in social sciences and humanities”. The event was via zoom and there were a lot of […]

11 Feb 2021

Workshop from the University of Central Lancashire with Dr. Iakovos Panagopoulos

On Monday 08/02/2021 and Friday 12/02/2021 Dr. Iakovos Panagopoulos is invited by Prof. Erik Knudsen andUniversity of Central Lancashire to run a workshop with Prof. Knudsen organized by the Institute of Citizenship Society and Change of University of Central Lancashire. The title of the workshop is Participatory Online Stakeholder Engagement–POSE and aims at training the U.C.Lan. teaching stuff in Storytelling tools and how these techniques can be used in their own disciplines. The workshop is going to run with Prof. […]

12 Oct 2019

Ph.D. Viva positive outcome

Three amazing years just came to an end. A huge journey that completely changed my life and made me who I am today. Yesterday I had the defence of my PhD and the result was positive!!! I couldn’t be happier! I really want to thank my parents and friends who supported me to this adventure and of course to my supervisors who were beside me in this whole journey like true mentors Erik Knudsen and Gary Bratchford. The best are […]