Returning to your Roots: Use of Mobile Shooting in an Ethnomediaology case study with the Tejon Native American Tribe in California

I am extremely happy to share with you that my article regarding the research I was doing in California at 2018-2019 with the Tejon Native American tribe under StoryLab is published in Frames Cinema Journal under the issue 18 entitled: Phone Camera at the Intersection of Technology, Politics, and Transmedia Storytelling.
A special thanks to the Tejon Native American community for all the help and support and especially Sandra VE Hernandez for supporting the whole project and for making feel like home. To Matthew Vestuto for his support and participation to the whole project.
A special thanks to prof. Erik Knudsen, founder of StoryLab and Ethnomedialogy who trusted me to run the workshops in California. You have been an incredible mentor. Thank you so much for everything. To dr. David W Robinson who belived in our project and without him I wouldn’t be able to complete this research.
A special thanks to Wind Wolves Preserve team for the amazing help, support and participation. To Devlin Gandy, Joshua Brandon Roth, Colin Rosemont for all the support!
A special thanks to Katerina Zacharia and Petros Antoniadis for running two workshops at 2019 under this project.
You can follow the updates regarding this progect through my Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/project/StoryLab-California

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