New publication- Book Chapter:”Serious Film Games (S.FI.GA.): ‘Integrating Game Elements with Filmmaking Principles into Playful Scriptwriting'”

I couldn’t be happier that the chapter we wrote together with Assistant Professor Agnes Papadopoulou and with Dr. Manos Rovithis, entitled: “Serious Film Games (S.FI.GA.): ‘Integrating Game Elements with Filmmaking Principles into Playful Scriptwriting'”, is published in the collective volume “Smart Pedagogy of Game-based Learning” by Springer!
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Games and films, being fundamental aspects of modern culture, have been extensively studied as means to realize educational design in terms of methodology, structure, and content. However, their combination into a hybrid educational model that will draw upon technology to facilitate creative and effective interaction within a learning context remains unexplored. The Serious Film Games (S.FI.GA.) approach suggests that the integration of game elements with filmmaking principles can provide a fun and creative way of achieving course objectives and student learning outcomes. In this chapter, the authors establish the theoretical framework for the design of the interactive narration game “Just ahead of me”. Through this fusion of narration and game-based learning they aim to enhance learners’ script writing skills and guide them to explore their imagination and openness. At the core of the game’s learning mechanics lies the card selection system, which trains learners to distinguish between desire and necessity and benefit from adjusting their creative thought to the challenge of the unexpected. “Just ahead of me” was tested for its integration into the S.FI.GA. methodology to be optimized. This chapter discusses the game’s design process, the testing sessions, and the results on the efficacy of its structural and narrative elements. The challenges imposed by restrictions and turning points appear to have enhanced rather than restricted the students’ ability to correlate ideas and develop storylines thwarting an idealization of their characters and paving the way for an interactive game-based learning experience.

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