Ionian Film Office in Metaverse presentation

I couldn’t be happier to present our Ionian Film Office in Metaverse yesterday with Associate Professor Dr. Ioannis Deliyiannis, Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa, Antiquities Inspectorate Director Tenia Rigakou, the Deputy Mayor for European Programmes Panayiota Tzanne and the Ionian Islands Film Office Head Angela Krokidis.
The operation of the Ionian Islands Film Office’s digital meeting office in metaverse, the first to be set up in Greece in order to provide an innovative way of facilitating audiovisual productions, is opening new horizons in the film industry and the promotion of our tourist product. (Enimerosi press)
Technology is once again being used with an impressive result. Instead of a simple zoom meeting, interested parties will be able to have an interactive experience in a fully digital space with just a few clicks. (Enimerosi press)

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