09 Jul 2019

Interview in Corfu T.V.

Interview in Corfu T.V. regarding the award Flickering Souls Set Alight (2019) received in Los Angeles Greek Film Festival. (the interview is in Greek)

12 Jun 2019

LAGFF overview video

This is an overview video form Hollywood Greek reporter for Los Angeles Greek Film Festival.

12 Jun 2019

Audience Award for Best Sort Film in LAGFF

The short film “Flickering Souls Set Alight” won the Audience Award for Best Short Film in Los Angeles Greek Film Festival 2019.

05 Jun 2019

Papers from LMU student regarding Flickering Souls Set Alight

And just four days before the world premiere of our film in Los Angeles Greek Film Festival we want to publish two very interesting papers regarding our film from Loyola Marymount University in California students. The first article is from Vaneza Parades and is about Women in Greek Film: https://paredes-lagff-2019.weebly.com/research-blog.html The second one is from Samantha Wanket and is about Patriarchy in Cinema: https://wanket-lagff-2019.weebly.com/blog A very special thanks to Katerina Zacharia who is the supervisor Professor of the students in […]

05 Jun 2019

Last Class in Audio Visual Arts Department in Ionian University

And the last class for this year of teaching in Audio Visual Arts Department in Ionian University is done… I am extremely happy with your progress and the goals you achieved all this year. I really want to thank all the students for this amazing year and all the great moments we shared together. I wish you all the best and I hope to see you real soon 🙂    

25 May 2019

Story Lab: Finding The Personal Voice in Filmmaking

StoryLab International Film Development Research Network will lead a workshop in Zagoriwood 2019. The workshop will focus in three different focus groups and the groups will have to create three short films around the topic of collective memory  and history. The workshop will run by prof. Erik Knudsen who is the founder of StoryLab and Iakovos Panagopoulos his PhD candidate. The workshop is from 11-15 of July and the cost will be 100 euros. Workshop Schedule: 1stday 09.00 – 10.30:          […]

19 May 2019

Flickering Souls Set Alight world premiere

Flickering Souls Set Alight will be premiering in 20 days during the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival and the tickets just got on sale! Get yours now and share this great moment with us! Link for tickets

19 May 2019

“Allimonò” won the CIAK “Memory” call for Interreg Greece Italy

Our film proposition “Allimonò” won the CIAK “Memory” Call for the production of 10 short films with 24.000 euros budget from Apulia film commission. I really want to thank the co-writer of this film Konstantinos Karakostas and the production company of Kapetanidis Michalis. Link for more information

14 Apr 2019

1st avarts alumni conference

My presentation in the 1st alumni conference in Audio Visual Arts department of Ionian University. The title of my presentation was: “Chasing a career in research and practical cinema.”.  My presentation starts from 02.57.00.

09 Apr 2019

Shot on Cooke Article

Cooke optics published an article in their official website #ShotOnCooke regarding the use of 1:1 in my latest short film Flickering Souls Set Alight (2019).